Taylor Denise is an Artist born and raised in Toledo, OH. She received her Bachelor of Business in Marketing & E-Commerce at the University of Toledo in 2015. Upon graduating, she decided to pursue Graphic Design at Owens Community College. With an interest in art since her childhood and an eagerness for utilizing her creativity, she went on to take courses that would assist her in acquiring more knowledge in the fundamentals of design. Additionally, she became proficient in the Adobe Creative Suite. Armed with a solid skillset, she poured into her own personal art practices more diligently. She realized that pursuing art was indeed her purpose in life.

Taylor began delving into hand drawing line art patterns and illustrations done in a 90’s-esque cartoon style, reminiscent of animations that she and many others of her generation grew up consuming. She has evolved her practice through digital art, animations, and graphic design. Taylor’s work is personal and centers on experiences, emotions, thoughts, and existential dread, both abstractly and overtly. She contemplates the struggles of life such as mental health, interpersonal relationships, and hypocrisy within society. Contrasting these deep meaning concepts are often bold and loud colors, possibly used to soften the blow of the macabre nature of the art, as done in many of the cartoons that are a source of her inspiration. This “soften” technique is additionally seen in the comedic edge that is brought to her work, as humor is ever present in her life, and a way of coping with the many roadblocks that one can be presented with. Through her work you can find solidarity and recognition in the endless array of complicated feelings that make up the human experience.